Melpressmen: Blog en-us (C) Melpressmen (Melpressmen) Tue, 28 May 2013 21:51:00 GMT Tue, 28 May 2013 21:51:00 GMT Thoughts on assisting in photoshoot It was very interesting helping a friend with a photo shoot for a poster. Brainstorming an idea that had to be connected to the theme of the planned show and getting some of the props into the show. Then setting up the lights and the props. A whole series of props balance on the actor all held up with clamps and special light stands with boom arms. Using an ipad mini to run live view and to control the camera. I have never seen this done before and I was impressed as to the usefulness of the ipad in this situation.

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Burlesque Dancer at Madame JoJo's in Soho London A Burlesque Dancer performing at Madame JoJo's club in Soho. Part of the finger in the pie cabaret club. I had gone there to photograph Mike How a comedy act  .But I also took this and thought looks good for my blog. It was an interesting shot to take as there was so much mixed lighting on the stage. 

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An image from 'The Listeners" A Theatre Tour from the Julia Pascal Theatre secret listeners julia pascal I went to see a play tour by the Julia Pascal theatre in a mansion on the edge of Trent Park not far from Cockfosters underground station. It was incredibly interesting as the building had been used by British Intelligence to house senior members of the German Army who had been captured. The intelligence services had bugged all areas and used refugees,many of them Jews, to listen in on conversations and record any vital information. How often can one see a play/tour that has as its backdrop the historical area itself. I would love to see the show again but it is unlikely as the building is going to be sold. A shame as it is of great historical value. 

This was not my most favorite shot as the others I selected were posted on the news portal Demotix who market the photos to the news media. I like this shot for the sense of atmosphere that is created by the corridor and the alignment of the actors. The main actor in this scene has such a focussed look almost angry but with a slight out of this world quality. I did not go to the show thinking I would take photos and a such this was all very on the spur of the moment and I was very aware not to disturb anyone there. As such I was not using a flash and given the low light I chose to use an ISO of 6400. A touch high (a bit of an english understatement there) The Nikon D700 still does a good job at this ISO as long as the photo is not blown up into a large size. 

It is very different taking photos in this situation as to when I am working at a corporate function where often we are employed as fake paparazzi/photographers. In that situation I am using my performing skills to make an impact and help create the party atmosphere. That work can be seen on the Pressmen website. 


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Wacky Party Portrait  

wacky party portrait

This year for events,parties,weddings and so on people have been hiring photo booths for people to dress up and take wacky fun photos. Having seen this in action I thought it was a very good idea and was certainly fun for the guests, 
With Chas Wilshere I have been running a company called The Pressmen performing as fake paparazzi at the beginning of events to create a fun atmosphere and making people feel special like celebrities. After the first part we go round taking photos capturing the atmosphere of the event very much in a reportage style.
Now we have added another element. We bring some party hats etc and do the same thing as a photobooth but with the added element of a live photographer taking the shots and directing the scene.


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